Original parts and special deals from DeLorean Cars

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, it is impractical to list prices in US dollars. Payment is accepted via Paypal to martin@delorean.co.uk, please email in advance for a quote to ship outside the UK - excellent rates offered

Improved Idle Valve. This is the modern equivalent of the DeLorean unit, and comes with the correct offset bracket to directly fit the DeLorean

169 including UK shipping

Steering joints & shaft set. Originals are dreadfully prone to seizing or getting sloppy. These sealed roller bearing joints and stainless shaft have the power to transform you car's steering.

79 including UK shipping

Interior light unit. Identical in appearance from the outside, but totally redesigned inside with a switch that actually works!

25 each, including UK postage.

Central Locking solenoids and control module. There is a very bad design flaw in the original control module which causes the otherwise extremely reliable solenoids to burn out. We rebuild the control module with hermetically sealed relays that can't stick, and rewind the solenoids with a heavier gauge wire for improved force. NB this will NOT correct problems elsewhere in the wiring.

150 for YOUR units to be rebuilt. 2 week turnaround.

Trailing arm bolts ("TABs"). Original Cadmium plated 10.9 bolts are infamous for being a weak point in the chassis. These bolts transfer all the thrust and drag of the rear wheels and originals will bend causing poor handling, and ultimately break if left un-checked. These 12.9 replacements have been custom made in the original 19mm hex-head, Geomet coated for marine grade corrosion resistance without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. They are 20% stronger than originals. Each pair comes with locknuts, nylocks and washers. Torque to 55-ft-lbs.

29 including UK shipping

Silicone rubber outer door seals (weatherstripping). Original and replacement natural rubber seals dry out, shrink, tear and come unstuck all too easily. These seals are extruded through a custom made die to the original pattern from "tear resistant" silicone rubber that is almost impossible to damage unless attacked with something sharp. Supplied in four lengths appropriate to the A and B pillars of your car, they should last a lifetime. Also included in the kit are a cartridge of special adhesive and instructions.

75 including UK shipping

Engine bay fuel hose set. Original hoses are made from a nylon core with a rubber sheath. After nearly 30 years, the nylon cores are becoming increasingly unreliable, and with pressures of up to 75psi, failures can be spectacular and devastating!. These new hoses are custom made from shiny black thermoplastic with brand new swaged ends and come with new banjo bolts and quality copper washers where appropriate. Prices per hose (excluding postage) are:

102339 / 102327 - Injector long hose (2 required) 25 each
102335 / 102323 - Injector medium hose (2 required) 25 each
102331 / 102318 - Injector short hose (2 required) 25 each
102395A - Frequency valve return 10
102400 - Frequency valve supply c/w new elbow 28
102370 - Cold start injector 16
102357 - Primary pressure line 20
102348 - Control pressure line 20
102359 - Return hose incl. swept elbow (see photo) 30
102365 - Supply hose from fuel filter 28


245 Including UK shipping

Fuel hoses for Fuel tank supply & return and fuel accumulator. Made from quality high pressure Italian rubber hose with all new ends crimped on. Designed to replace the three 106979 hoses originally made from inflexible thermoplastic. The hoses sold in the US expect you to re-use the crush-fitting ends and secure with a hose clip.

70 including UK shipping

Polyurethane suspension bushes made in the UK. These are performance replacements for the original vulcanised rubber bushes. Providing a stiffer, more solid, modern feel to your car's handling, this kit replaces the two front lower control arm bushes, the eight rear control arm bushes, and the two infamous trailing arm bushes (flanged). Used in conjunction with the anti-roll bar bush kit from DeLorean Parts Northwest, your car's handling will be transformed. Sleeves and washers are stainless steel.

349 incl shipping

Now available are polyurethane suspension bushes for the front upper wishbones.

149 including UK postage or 129 if combined with the above kit.

Radiator. Modern twin-row with 40% increase in cooling capability over original and aluminium replacements, whilst retaining original dimensions. Comes with new metal end tanks (not original plastic) and dispenses with the un-used original filler cap. Can be fully bled one-time simply by un-hooking the bleed hose to the top right. The top and bottom mounting plates are recycled and jigged during assembly to guarantee it remains straight (!) and is a direct correct fit for the fans and AC condenser.

295 plus shipping

Stainless braided teflon lined brake flexi hoses, made in the UK. This popular upgrade replaces the original rubber flexi hoses to provide a more responsive brake pedal. Original rubber lines deteriorate with age and can become blocked more easily.

129 including UK shipping

Complete set of EBC "Redstuff" fast road brake pads. The DeLorean has solid discs which get hot very quickly when used enthusiastically. These pads work better than originals when cold, and fantastically well when hot. When combined with a 50/50 master cylinder to make use of the rear more, stainless flexi-hoses and fully working calipers, your brakes will be transformed and almost impossible to overheat.

129 including UK shipping,

110A Valeo alternator, as fitted to last generation PRV Renaults. Direct plug-in replacement for the early Ducellier, and a very simple additional wire for replacing a Motorola. Do not confuse this unit with small high-output units from the US that use a smaller pulley to increase output at idle, and are designed for ECU control. This is entirely self contained and allows the use of an LED for the battery light.

229 including UK shipping

Stainless steel braided, teflon lined clutch hose. This is an essential upgrade to all manual DeLoreans (that aren't already upgraded) to replace the original plastic line which can swell under pressure on hot days causing poor shifting, especially into reverse. You can check your car by looking to the rear of the left front wheel well where the hose drops down to run along the bottom of the chassis. If it is black, it needs to be replaced. This hose is made in the UK exclusively for DeLorean Cars.


Idle Valve

Steering UJs




Door Seal

Fuel Hoses

Fuel Hoses

Suspension bushes

Upper bushes


Brake Hoses

Brake Pads


Clutch Line